The Difference Between Towns and Cities

by Rope Swings

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Our first album consisting of ten songs written during our first year as a band.


released July 30, 2011

Ben Medcalf - guitar, vocals, piano
Eric Ralls - drums



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Rope Swings Front Royal, Virginia

Rope Swings is Ben Medcalf on Guitar, vocals and sometimes piano and Eric Ralls on drums. Formed in the summer of 2010, the band has spent some time living in both Richmond and Front Royal, VA. They released their first album "The Difference Between Towns and Cities" on July 30, 2011. They are currently working on a new album and playing shows whenever opportunity knocks. ... more

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Track Name: Accidental Rendezvous
Shut the gate and lock it too
The subtle hints will never do
Block the roads with red and blue
It comes, it comes, it comes for you

Grit your teeth and see it through
The blatant truth that you knew
Track Name: Broke
I found it in you
but you lost it in me
Cause I was a little bit early
and you gave to little too late

You're added to my list
of all this month's unfortunate shit
my car died twice, $800
I lost my job, then I got shingles
(Who gets shingles anyways?)
So I'm stuck at home
alone and broke
and just like me
my tv broke

It feels wrong to hold out hope
for something or someone this month
Track Name: My Own Lack of Scheme
You seem to be confused to why I'm acting this way
Distant like a job with a commute not worth the pay
and shady like the riverside where I go to hide from everything outside my mind.
Its just that these past couple days have been a blurry haze of shower steam and smoke pollen and rain and all the times I spoke about the same fucking things
and all the lines I wrote that dont mean anything
I'm victim of my own lack of scheme.

Fallen prey to the games they play
and to my views about as vague
as all the truths we learned as youths
but if we stray, our souls at stake.

Oh these eyes, these cold green eyes,
they disguise what was said.
Oh these hands, these hard calloused hands,
they demand what was owed.
Its too cold to go back home
the telephone was all alone.

And all the times that I bit my tongue
and all the times I wasn't having fun

We couldn't tell heaven from hell.
Track Name: Perfect Skin
How do you get away with teasing me with those indifferent eyes?
Who do you think you are, reflecting the sunlight in a beautiful manner on your perfect skin.
I bet that you didn't even think twice when you let your hair fall into a subtle side ponytail.
Ok I guess I can't expect you to know that it is my favorite thing.

Its just that ever since I've seen you I've been thinking the same things.

So I've tried to close my eyes in the time I see what you've done to this place I reside.
Track Name: Never Been
Never been to California
Never been to New York City
But that's ok, yeah that's alright with me.
I'll stay content right here in the valley.

Never been one to complain
Never been one to have shame
But that's ok, yeah that's alright with me.
I just sort of let everything run off me.
Track Name: Memoryfoamed
Less like punching walls
More like laying the mortar.
This persists like hipster jokes on tumblr.

The irony

Memoryfoamed, headphoned, permastoned soaking in the morning
But it is the afternoon, forgot about the things I've been meaning to do.
And I wont move, unless for food and maybe you but for now it is watching Wilco youtube vids.

This I don't like to admit
but my apathy still persists
cause if I gave it anything
then I'll never have everything.
Track Name: Flood Plains
I'm not so sure about
these words coming from my mouth
I feel like the flood plains
of my brains veins are soggy.

But I, I've tried
to quit a few times
but you, you kept it lit
I know
So i'll just die in time
Cause we just fade away, everyday.
Track Name: Didn't See It Coming
When I heard that no one knew where you were at,
I went down to the railroad tracks.
Walked and thought about what you had previously said,
"The world is asinine and we're better of dead"

We couldn't tell for the time spent
rotting in hell in our basements
we needed grace or just something
to keep us from dwelling on nothing
and I have tried to keep you from suicide
I've tried

You didn't see it comin'
That's why you started runnin
Track Name: Heaven Sucks
Thought I was Jesus for a day.
Spent purgatory in a mental hospital
Heaven was reality

Heaven sucks
Track Name: Gaia
Souls manifest temporarily here
No pressure, dear, its all for us
Now we feel to learn